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About Us

Grazing and more

TJs grazing is all about bringing that feeling of comfort and care. During such a wild time in our world and daily lives we want to bring people affordable options to enjoy something yummy and comforting. 
Owner of TJs; During Covid my family and I experienced a very sudden loss. In May my brother was rushed into the hospital and within a week he passed away. During that week we went through a roller coaster hoping for the best outcome, closer to his passing it was found that he had cancer throughout his entire body and that we had little time left with him. He was always someone to try and bring comfort/happiness to situations and thats just what we are going to do! TJ was one of his many nicknames. We will forever cherish the memories and time we had with him. 
Every order 10% will be donated to BC Cancer Foundation.


Ask Us Anything

Do you offer delivery?

Yes! We deliver to Penticton, Peachland, West Kelowna, Kelowna, Lake Country/Oyama, Vernon, Lavington, and Lumby! When ordering in the MyCart section please enter the first three digits of your postal code, then select delivery for your area(delivery rates vary by area)

Do you have Vegetarian/Vegan options?

Yes! We can offer both Vegetarian and Vegan grazing boxes/boards. For vegetarian boxes please specify in our custom request and allergy section. Vegan Boxes can be found in our shop in small, medium and large sizes!

What about allergies?

We can accommodate to any allergies/preferences you have when ordering! If you have any allergies or preferences please fill in the allergies section on item you are ordering!

How do I order?

Please go to our shop section and select the item/s you would like to order! When ordering please fill in the date/time of delivery or pickup! and check out through my cart!

Do you offer Gluten-Free options?

Yes! We can provide gluten-free grazing boxes and boards!

Do you do larger events?

Yes, we can cater to larger event. If you are looking for options for larger events please fill in our contact section and we will get back to you with in 24 hours!

What about last minute orders?

For any last minute orders please fill in our Contact section/ or call our phone with the time you are looking for pickup/delivery! We will try our best to accommodate any last minutes orders


Debit, Credit and AMEX are all accepted. You can also pay through pay-pal at check out! If you are wanting to pay cash for an order please fill in Contact section, we will try our best to see if we can accommodate the request!

Do you offer options for extra meat and cheese?

Yes you can add extras in the add on section under each box.

Gift Certificates

If you have bought or received a gift certificate and you would like to use it, please reach out to us in the contact form to order and use the fund of the gift certificate.

How do I find different sizes?

Under the selected item there will be a drop down bar, that is were you can select the size you are looking for


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We deliver to West Kelowna, Kelowna, Lake Country, Oyama, Vernon, Lavington, Lumby and More!

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